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Project Restore - Services for Non-Custodial Parents

Non-Custodial Parent Services

Payment Options:

Option 1- Pay by Credit Card- To make a child support payment by credit card click on the following link:

Credit card child support payments

Option 2- To make a child support debit payment you must register. Click the following link to register:

Registration for debit payment

Motion For Relief

By completing the Non Custodial Parent Request for Relief Form, you are requesting that the Office of Child Support Services file the paperwork called a Motion for Relief, to reduce or end your order. Please be advised that we can assist you only if the case is one that is currently in our child support case load and if there are no other motions pending. You will be notified in writing if the case is rejected. You may of course, file the motion "pro se" or on your own at any time. Legal counsel for this agency will not legally represent you at the hearing regardless of whether we file the motion for you or you file on your own nor do we represent the other parent. You will be required to present your case to the Magistrate/Judge or retain legal counsel to present your case. If you do not appear, the motion may be denied or may pass.


Project Restore

Project Restore is designed to help non-custodial parents who were paying their child support consistently but can no longer do so due to job loss. We provide intake referral services to non-custodial parents to help them gain suitable employment.