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    Office of Child Support Services
    77 Dorrance Street
    Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Other ways to contact us...

Use the Interactive Voice Response System

Have a question about your child support? The Child Support Voice Response Information System (401) 458-4400 is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week to help! Rather than wait to speak to a child support representative, you can access the information you need day or night. To access case specific information, you will need your PIN and case number. Your pin and case number were included in the welcome letter you received when your child support case started. If you lost your PIN, you can leave a message on the voice response system and request that the PIN be mailed to you. We cannot tell you the PIN or case number over the phone.

How do I use the Child Support Phone System?

You must listen to the menu carefully and select the number of the information that meets your needs. Please note: You will not be able to hit 0 to request operator assistance until you have tried to access the information available. To access case specific information, you must enter your PIN and case number to receive the information. You may select to hear the message in English or Spanish.

Main Menu

  • For your convenience, below is a list of available menu options:
  • Available Services/ Request an application Press 1
  • Payment Information Press 2
  • Case Specific Information Press 3
  • Direct Deposit/ Kids Card Press 4
  • Employer Press 5
  • I V-D Agency (from another state) Press 6
  • Attorney or Representative from a bank or insurance company Press 7
  • Office location and hours Press 8

Available Services ( Press 1): If you are interested in receiving child support services, you can press 1 and leave your name, mailing address and phone number and an application will be mailed to you. Note that if you are receiving cash assistance or medical assistance, you do not need to complete an application for child support services - you are required to cooperate with the Office of Child Support as part of those programs. If you are receiving child care assistance, you will be required to complete an application for child support services. Information on available services and an application can also be found on our website at www.cse.ri.gov.

Payment Information (Press 2): If you are interested in a list of the last 5 payments made and sent out, press 2. After that, you will be prompted to press 1 if you are a custodial parent or press 2 if you are a non-custodial parent. Then enter you 10 digit case number and Pin. You must have both to access information. You will then be provided with the last 5 payments made and sent out. Please note that you can find the last 12 payments and disbursements on the website ( www.cse.ri.gov). If you do not have your case and PIN, follow the instructions to leave your name and address so a letter may be mailed with your case and PIN. We cannot provide you this information over the phone.

Case Specific Information (Press 3): To access your specific case information, you must have your 10 digit case number and pin. You may update your address or the non custodial parent’s address, or refuse service or close your case. You may also find out: whether we were able to locate the non custodial parent; whether a birth certificate is needed, whether we were able to serve the non custodial parent for court, what enforcement actions have been taken to collect past due support, your next court date or scheduled appointment, or how much child support is past due. You may also leave a message to speak to your child support representative if the information you want is not available on the phone system. Please be aware, if the representative determines the information you requested is available on the voice response system you will be referred back to the system to gather the information.

Direct Deposit/Kids Card (Press 4): After you have pressed 4, you will be asked to either press 1 for information about Direct Deposit, or press 2 for information about your Kids Card. To report a lost or stolen Kids Card press 3.

Employer Information (Press 5): If you are an employer calling regarding: a new hire, press 1; the National Medical Notice, press 2; EFT information or a new account, press 3; wage withholding, press 4; if the non custodial parent is no longer employed, press 5. Additional information regarding employer’s obligations can be found on our website at www.cse.ri.gov.

Another State Child Support Agency (Press 6) : If you are calling from a child support agency in another state, press 6 and enter the 10 digit RI case number or the last name of the non custodial parent and the call will be transferred to the child support representative handling the case or to the State Central Registry.

Attorney or Representative from a Bank or Insurance Company (Press 7) : You may have received a letter/form in the mail with the Child Support Representative’s name and contact information. Please contact the representative directly. For a directory of child support representatives who handle lien processing press 1.