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Case Information

Access your information online

If you have never set up an account profile, before you can view the payment history on your account, or change your PIN, you will need to create your account profile. You will need the following:

  • Your case number (included in Welcome Letter).
  • Your personal identification number (PIN) (incldued in Welcome Letter).

If you have never accessed your online account, then create an account profile using the "Welcome Letter" you recieved from the Office of Child Support Services. The letter includes your case number, and PIN. That information is needed to create your Login information.
Clicking the link below will bring you to the Case Manager login page. Here you will be able to set up your account. Click on the Create Account button to get started - This is located directly underneath the Log In box, on the right side of the page. Once your account is created you then will be able to view recent payments, and change your PIN.

Click this Link the DHS Client Portal - OCSS Case Manager Homepage

Online Case Payment History

The purpose of the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) Payment History web site is to assist custodial and non-custodial parents in gathering the most recent payment information quickly and efficiently:

  • Payments Received by OCSS.
  • Payments Made by the Non-Custodial Parents.
  • Payments Sent to the Custodial Parents.

The information on this site is in addition to payment information being provided to you by the voice response system. However, the OCSS Payment History web site provides more current "live" information.

If you have forgotten your Username, or Password - both can be reset using the link below. This link allows you to look up your login information. You can click the "Forgot my Username" or "Forgot my Password" link located in the Account Manager section of the Login page - directly underneath the Log In box.

Click below for the Online Account Manager Login page to access your Child Support Payment history, create a new account, or to look up your username or password.

Click this Link the DHS Client Portal - OCSS Case Manager Homepage

Below OCSS staff has put together an information guide. It contains helpful information about resetting your password and username. Please try these steps before contacting the office or an agent, to see if you are able to reset you login information.

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Printable Version of the DHS Portal Online Payment Account: Information Guide