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About Us

The Office of Child Support Services is located at 77 Dorrance Street, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Important Notice:

To avoid unnecessary delays and better serve our customers if you want to schedule an appointment with your caseworker, please complete a Walk-in Form.

We stand ready to serve you as quickly as possible. However, we cannot properly manage your case(s) if you do not keep us up-to-date regarding changes in your situation. It's very important that you contact us immediately if:

  • Your address or phone number changes (complete the change of address form)
  • You change employers
  • Your employer's name, address, or phone number changes
  • You change your social security number
  • You change your driver's license number
  • The court orders a change in your child's custody arrangements, and/or
  • You receive any new court orders relating to child support

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Who may receive services?

Parents receiving RIWORKS or RIte Care for their children will be required to pursue child support services (the IV-D program) through the Office of Child Support Services.


Parents who do not receive RIWORKS or RIte Care for their children are eligible to receive child support services as well, and should apply for these services if they need assistance to establish paternity, and/or to establish or enforce medical or child support orders. (Application for Child Support Services English and Spanish)


A one time fee of $20.00 is required to start child support efforts for families not receiving public assistance. There is no fee charged to families who receive RIWorks or RIte Care.


In order to receive child support services, it is critical that all necessary information is provided by the person applying for services. During the process of applying for and receiving services, there will be information requested that some may consider personal. Please remember that all information requested is necessary in order to give the best possible service to your case. All information you provide will be strictly confidential.